Friday, April 6, 2012

Too much stuff

It’s hard to believe I used to disappear off into the wilds with just a backpack. It took two days to load everything up for our trip back north.

To be fair, we’ve been gone for over three months. We left NH in early January, so we needed winter clothes. Since we got to Florida, we’ve been in a warm spell -even for Florida. It’s been three months of sandals, t-shirts, and shorts.

We brought the sailboat, so we needed all the boaty things.

Then there is all the camping stuff. Right now I’m in a campground in St. Augustine Florida, the first time camping this trip. That camping gear has been in the way until today.

Our little side trip to TX had us come back with another load of stuff from my in-laws. We came back with everything from blankets to boat anchors.

My dad loaded us up as well -photos to power tools.

We picked up books from all over. (sorry kids, we can’t help ourselves, we’ll fit them in somewhere.)

Next year, we’ll travel lighter -really.

At least the truck has been running well, something I don’t take for granted.



  1. You sound like us when we visit back home in Pennsylvania. Always bringing stuff back with us. I think next trip I will load up stuff and take to everyone up there. Sort of turn the tables, so to speak.

  2. And next year you'll have the ambulance/camper all set up. Looking forward to see what the final product will look like

  3. I'd love to rent a dumpster and go through our place, but the wife would murder me...

  4. Dizzy: turn around is fair play.
    Adam: That should help.
    Craig: Maybe that's part of the reason I've got so much stuff now -I'm married.

  5. Phyllis (N/W Jersey)April 7, 2012 at 3:25 PM

    Remember - there is ALWAYS room for more books!