Monday, April 9, 2012

The long and winding trail northward

We are slowly making our way out of FL. Hope to be in S. Carolina for a couple days.

The wife at the St. Augustine campground is pretty sketchy. It’s hard to get the blog up and the signal drops out all the time. If my blog posting drop out for a few days, it’s because we are traveling. Not to worry.

Friends met us in St. Augustine. It’s a great city for lovers of history, as I am. The old Spanish fort was never taken in battle. However, it did change ownership through treaty. It got me thinking. Maybe what we need is the Special Forces equivalent for diplomats.

“Send in the diplomats! They are the only ones who can take the fort!”

How’s that for a battle cry?

Sunday was a day of rest. Taking it easy after playing tourist. Hope everyone had a good Easter Holiday.



  1. I'm sorry, Dad, I've just gotta tease...
    "The wife at the St. Augustine campground is pretty sketchy."
    Really? Hee hee.

  2. Damn, Jess beat me to it. Freudian slip? : )

    Y'all have a safe trip back!

  3. Glad she didn't see this post . . .