Monday, April 23, 2012

To the south and west

A sizable snowstorm is predicted for the Northeast. Lucky for me, it’s predicted to be to the south and west of my house. Millions of other people won’t be so fortunate.

Actually, my area is better suited to weather a snowstorm right now. The leaves are just starting to come out. Snow causes a lot more damage on trees in full leaf. Those branches come down, causing damage to property, people and power lines.

If you are in the affected area, I hope you have a storm plan. When the 2011 October snowstorm hit, power went out for weeks in some areas. We did fine in that one too, as most of our leaves had already dropped from the trees. Sometimes there’s advantages to a colder climate.

Right now we are getting some badly needed rain. Fire danger has been extremely high. Several days of soakers will put us in pretty good shape. Looks like we are going to get them.

Weather events happen all time, all over the country. Sooner or later your area will get hit with something. For that reason alone, people should have some basic preps: food, water, heat, the ability to cook, lighting and even things like books and board games for entertainment.

Why is it that the prepper is ridiculed for being prepared? He’s accused of being paranoid. You aren’t paranoid when bad things really do happen.



  1. Having bottled water or dried food or a generator isn't what gets people mocked or called paranoid.

    Having a bomb shelter, or a stockpile of 9mm ammo and a a stack of pamphlets with "the truth" about our Muslim, Socialist President or 9/11 or the Rapture or One World Government when the UN takes over that get people made fun of.

    Especially since there's nobody I'd feel safer fighting than the UN.

  2. Paracynic: the bomb shelter types get a lot of grief, but I've seen harsh criticism over people having a month's supply of food, like it was a crazy thing to do.

    China: Thanks!

  3. I've never seen anybody made fun of for owning a generator or having some stuff in storage. Most people I know have a basement full of caned goods. Being prepared for a blizzard if you live in the Northeast is just good sense, like having a spare tire in the trunk.

    But most people are too busy with their lives of quiet desperation to listen to the guy with a Geiger counter and a bunker full of MREs.