Sunday, April 15, 2012

While we were away

Telephones. Facebook. Skype. US mail. E-mail.

We kept in touch with people while we were down south. However, now that I’m home, it’s obvious we missed a lot.

Relationships changed. People moved. Jobs were lost. Medical procedures. Building demolition. -stuff happened.

It looks like my house sitters are well on their way to moving out. We are in no hurry to see them go, but they made other arrangements. It certainly was nice to come home to a house that was up and running. We haven’t even seen them since we got back. The wife is on a pleasure trip and her husband is out of town for work.

One of my daughters moved back, along with her daughter. For a very brief period in my life, I thought our house was too big. It isn’t.

Then there are the people you know but don’t keep in contact with. One of neighbors drove by and stopped to chat. He asked about our trip. I asked about his winter. He had a heart stent a few weeks ago, and he’s not feeling all that well. Dang.

Life goes on.

There’s a lot of catching up to do and I’m just hoping there will be more good news than bad.



  1. Life can seem routine & predictable when we're home. Travel awhile and we realize it's always in flux.

  2. I agree with treesong. Also, it takes a little adjusting to get back in the home life routine.