Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Moving right along

For those new to my blog, I’ve been converting an ambulance into a mini motor home.

I hit a major snafu with a title problem. That was resolved while I was on vacation this winter. Now that I’m home the project continues. Today I went to town hall and was able to actually register the vehicle and get some plates for it.

Right after that it was down to my insurance agent to buy insurance. Then home to put the plates on, charge up the battery, and take it for a road test. It runs well. The big 7.3 turbodiesel powerstroke engine purred right along.

My mechanic has to look at it. There’s excessive tire wear on one of the front tires and needs to be replaced. Then we have to figure out why the tire wore badly. It could something as simple a bad alignment or maybe a bad ball joint. The state of NH allows ten days from the time of registration until it gets an inspection sticker. The garage can do that at the same time as the tire fix.

One of my friends has been gathering materials for a trailer hitch all winter. He’s ready to install a custom hitch. Last fall he crawled under the vehicle and took measurements.

It needs a few creature comforts installed: a table that folds out into a bed, stove, and 12volt fridge.

Even more important than creature comforts is converting the diesel to run on waste vegetable oil. This will be my fourth WVO vehicle. I’ve assisted on several other conversions. Every conversion is custom and a bit different. There’s a shakedown period where any kinks are worked out of the system.

It’s great that this project is moving again. Since my pickup truck, and boat hauler, is falling apart, the ambulance conversion project has moved up in priority.



  1. post them pictures Boyo....when ya get a chance !!!

  2. Back at home, back working on projects. Take time for a breath of mountain air.

  3. excited to see the end product

  4. With that size engine I bet she'll be a towing beast. Like Adam can't wait until we see her finished.