Sunday, October 14, 2018


I ran into some folks I know who are heading out to Arizona soon. They used to winter in Florida, but last year's hurricane damage to the Keys inspired them to try someplace else. I guess they must have liked the southwest.

Personally, I've never been to Arizona. My lovely wife and I drove as far as New Mexico one winter, but that was far enough for me. The dry southwestern air was not good for my damaged lungs. Some folks benefit from dry air, but humidity actually helps my condition. Go figure.

It looks like Florida will be going through another long recovery. People soon forget about hurricanes once they are no longer in the news. Recent hurricanes caused massive damage that with have to be dealt with. There are parts of Florida in dire need right now. Relief vehicles are hampered by damaged and blocked roads.

Damage to highways are messing up transportation networks far beyond where the hurricanes hit. In some cases commercial trucking prices have risen by 50%. (according to NPR)

In the short term, New Hampshire is looking pretty good. It's going to be cold and there will be snow, but that's normal. The region knows how to deal with it. I'm relieved to have finished my emergency water line insulation project. That should hold me for the winter. There's firewood in the yard and heating oil in the tank.

My lovely wife and I may head down to somewhere in the southeast, perhaps by late winter or early spring. That is, if everything is in decent enough shape down there. It doesn't take long to throw our camping gear in the car and hit the road.



  1. I'm one of those with lung problems that the lack of humidity, but more importantly the lack of mold and allergens that trigger my asthma, helps.

    Traveling across the bottom of NM can be kind of dreary on I-10. If you go over the hump at Las Cruces the area around Alamogordo is nice.

    Another option is Texas around Port Aransas. Barney of the Old Fat Man Adventures winters there.

    1. Have not been down to Port Aransas. Probably should look into it. Thanks!

  2. We are the folks heading to Arizona this winter. We love Key West and may return next season. The recent huricane in the Panhandle will put more pressure on the Keys. Those folks will head further south and jam the already crowded campgrounds.
    Tucson, AZ is perfect for our needs at the present. The days are in the mid 70's, but the nights do drop into the low 50's and even 40's. It may have super dry humidity in the summer but again not noticeable in winter.
    The drawback is really to drive a 5th wheel 3,045 miles from NH. We don't stay at campgrounds on the way, just park overnight at Cracker Barrel Restaurants. Last year's overnight fees totaled $22.00 We are in economy mode!
    I can tell you will go someplace this's in your DNA!

    1. Nice of you to drop by. Makes sense that the Keys will be even busier than normal.

      Arizona is a long haul from NH. That's a lot of driving.

      Yeah, we probably will go somewhere when we've had enough of winter.

  3. You will be driving south to escape the cold and snow and some will be driving north to ski and play in the snow.

    1. I know folks who've moved to NH for the snow. They love to ski and hate the heat.