Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Playing Tourist

The weather warmed up into the 80s Tuesday -amazingly warm for October in New Hampshire. I decided we needed a break day. There's a new coffee shop a couple towns away that has some amazing food. After a nice lunch we went for a drive to check out the changing leaves. People come from all over to see the colors. I don't take the beauty of our area for granted.

We stopped at this park to take in the view and to walk the dog. There was a photographer with an elaborate camera set up right next to me. He came all the way from Virginia. My old cheap phone camera did not this area justice.

My lovely wife and I walked down to the river. We ran into a couple goose hunters. Once was working the flock from his kayak. The other was hidden in the bushes, hoping the flock would fly overhead.

As we turned to walk back to the car, the flock took off and headed down river. They got a few shots off and bagged at least one goose. There had to be well over a 100 of them on the river.

The projects took a back seat to our own New Hampshire appreciation day.



  1. Living in the South I miss the colors. Having a problem here with sending comments under my name (Momlady). Will be asking friend to help rectify once she is ack in town. Meanwhile anonymous it is.

    1. Blogger can be wonky at times. Glad to see you come by. Glad we went out yesterday. Lots of leaf drop during the night. Still nice, but the season is moving quickly.

  2. It is still summertime down here. The leaves haven't even begun to change and when they do, it is usually only a couple of trees at a time, not all at once like up north. I lived the first half of my live in Pennsylvania and just loved the Fall up there.

    1. Our fall is more dramatic. It helps that we have diverse mix of tree species with their own colors.