Saturday, October 27, 2018

Holding Pattern

Well, I've got at least another week of antibiotics. The infection on my leg is responding to it. I've resigned myself to the fact that it's just going to take some time and effort. Eventually things will be back to normal.

Waiting to get better is annoying, but it's not the only thing I've been waiting for. In spite of a lot of interest, my van still hasn't sold. Someone was going to come up and see it today but they canceled. Nothing like a little snow in the forecast to discourage long distance travel.

There are some tow vehicle replacements that have caught my eye, but price is always a major concern. Also, I'm still not sure what I want. There's something weird about big tow vehicles. When sailing it's all about not using fossil fuels. My lovely wife and I are willing to sail in the lightest winds before starting a motor. In fact, when we do use the motor, it's a simple electric motor charged by a solar panel. Really feels weird to tow a super efficient boat with a fuel guzzling behemoth.

For years I got around the problem of using big diesel engines by converting them to run on waste veggie oil. That worked for me for quite a few years, but conditions have changed. The veggie is a lot harder to get -especially free veggie. Just as important, I'm about done with wrestling with heavy jugs of veggie oil all the time.

So maybe I'll find a tow vehicle for the right price that's reasonably efficient. Then there's the possibility of not towing a boat at all. We've seriously considered getting a boat that's bigger and stays in the water most of the time. The key is to find something for the right price and that doesn't need a ton of repairs. Just as important, it has to be a simple boat. Complicated stuff breaks in amazing and expensive ways.

The weather has kept me from doing a few outside projects. On the bright side, there's nothing so pressing that I have to do it in the snow and rain.

Finally, I'm waiting to see how the economic and political environments shake out. If my funds are wiped out I won't be going anywhere.

Eventually I'll get my physical stuff sorted. The van will sell. Our boat situation will get figured out. In a few months we all should have a better idea on what the country will be doing. For now, in the near term, it's a holding pattern.



  1. I'm surprised that the van hasn't sold yet, but glad that you have the extra time to find just what direction you want to go.

    1. I'm a lousy salesperson. :)

      We'll figure out something interesting to do.

  2. If the economy goes south, I think it will be world-wide and caused deliberately.

    1. I'm sure there are people waiting like vultures.

  3. After you sell your boat, you can buy my diesel pusher motorhome. . .

    1. I think I'd have to sell the house too! That's a really nice motorhome you've got there Dizzy.

  4. get some tea tree oil
    mix with carrier oil, like almond
    have your wife do it
    don't breathe it
    dab a dot on the inside of your elbow.
    if no reaction use on leg
    also try oregano oil mixed with a carrier
    both powerful antibiotics