Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Doctor Visits

I'm in the process of taking care of some small health issues. A leg infection seems to come and go, but hasn't quite gotten better. Last time I went for treatment the wound cleared up about 90%, but the last 10% just lingered. Enough is enough. Being stubborn, it took a while before I finally decided to return to the docotor. So it's back to antibiotics.

However, a swab of the wound revealed there was also a fungal infection. My options were either an over the counter topical antifungal, or three days of treatment with pills. The pill option was supposed to be more reliable, but required a liver function test. As this never quite healing wound has gone on too long I sprung for the test and the pills. On the plus side, I now know my liver is in great shape. Maybe I should drink more?

While I'm at it, I decided to make an appointment with a poditrist. One of my big toes has a messed up toenail that's often painful. Since I'm hanging around anyway, might as well get that looked at too.

These doctor visits are kicking a big hole in my budget. Having no medical insurance it's all coming out of pocket..In spite of the expense, I owe it to myself to get in better health. I'm getting sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Don't even get me started on what I think of our nation's screwed up health care system. Right now even a system that “rationed” health care would be an improvement. At least I'd probably get some care.



  1. Going to the doctor's office usually makes me sick. It is a great place to suck up a lot of germs and viruses from all the sick people in the waiting room.