Friday, October 19, 2018

Next economic crash

So . . . everybody set for the next economic crash? It's coming. Don't know when, but it's getting closer.

How do I know? There's always an economic crash. That's the way the economy works. Don't believe me? Study History. Oh, by the way, before every crash in in the past, folks were sure that “this time it's different.”

Here's the funny thing. Those who are most prepared for the crash feel a lot more worried than those who don't have preps. If you know how bad it could be, you realize how hard it is to prepare.

Do you know what's really dangerous? There are more and more people who would welcome an economic crash. The system has always been rigged in favor of the rich and powerful. It used to be that the elite used to try and somewhat hide that fact. Now they really don't care what Joe Average thinks.

Joe Average will be more than happy for the elite to lose their billions. He's going to suffer too, but a lot of Joes out there are beyond caring.

How can I say the economy is going to collapse when so many economic indicators look good? Things looked great on October 28, 1929. On October 29, 1929 we had what has become known as the official start of the Great Depression.

In short, it would serve everyone well to have some basic survival preps set aside. Just as important, be mentally prepared for sudden changes. If I'm wrong, you haven't lost anything. What if I'm right?



  1. It wouldn't surprise me if the powers-that-be DELIBERATELY caused a depression just to destabilize things.

    1. Someone always makes a ton of money in a crash.

  2. If that happens I shall be homeless, carless, etc. since I still owe on everything.

  3. anonymous,
    i also , not able to get out from under the debt.
    only God can help us.

    1. How about we make debt the problem of the predatory lenders? Just a thought.