Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Cat 5?!

Off the west coast of Mexico, hurricane Willa has intensified to a Category 5. Holy smokes! That's a powerful storm. While it's probably going to weaken somewhat before making landfall . . . Holy smokes! Just goes to show there's plenty of heat energy in the oceans yet.

Currently there are no classifications higher than a Cat 5. However, scientists have been contemplating adding a 6th. When your measurements are no longer adequate, something has changed. In this case, changed for the worse.

I am concerned for our neighbors to the south. The storm is going to affect a considerable portion of Mexico. Later, it's going weaken, but will still impact parts of the United States.

Currently there are no major tropical storms forming in the Atlantic and Caribbean. That doesn't mean we are off the hook. Hurricane season has a ways to go yet. Not only that, it's possible to have a hurricane beyond the “official” season.

Usually there is a rush to recover after a storm. At least that's the narrative in the mainland United States. Once the roads are open and the power is back on we think everything is fine. Of course, if you were a US citizen in Puerto Rico, your “recovery” took a heck of a lot longer.

Just having utilities back and debris cleared away does not make for a recovery. There are businesses that never reopen and people who never rebuild. Of course, there are those who do not survive the storm. Their families will never be the same. Also, mental issues can linger for years and years. Let's face it, there can be a lot of trauma from such a storm.

So I'm praying for my brothers and sisters in Mexico. I hope they survive in good shape.



  1. Me too - life is hard enough for people south of U.S. Border. I'm pretty sure the Mexican mountains should slow that down considerably, but the mud slides on western side could be catastrophic. Anyone living in a slide area should be evacuating NOW !

    1. People are going to suffer. I hope they can get out of harm's way.

  2. The good news it is heading straight for the Soros caravan

    1. You are mean spirited. Would your mother be proud of you?

  3. We have been getting lots of rain and everything is saturated. A big storm dumping a lot of rain would not be good here.