Saturday, September 7, 2019

Current plan, version 87b

It’s official! My lovely wife and I booked train tickets. At the end of October we’ll be leaving Boston for San Francisco. We will be staying with family out there for a bit before taking the train back. Thanksgiving will be here in New England. While back here I’ve some business to take care of. After that we’ll hook up the boat and head south the first week of December.

The train trip was a fairly quick decision, partially influenced by hurricane Dorian. While we had discussed cross country train trips in the past, our plans were always vague and in the distant future. This year it seemed like a good time to go. There’s also the little of issue of my having a grandson out in California who’s growing up without me. I want to be more than voice on the phone to him.

We’ve even booked some campground time already. After a bit of camping we will head right down to Biscayne Bay off of Miami. That will also give us good access to the Keys. Should be fun.

We’ve been traveling down south for many years now. Some people go to the same places over and over again. There’s nothing wrong with that and it’s only normal to fall in love with a few favorites. There are places we like to get back to on a regular basis. However, it’s always nice to fine new places too. Some of those become new favorites. It’s also good to have backup places.

In the spring I’ll do some sailing on the ICW and see how far north I want to go. My lovely wife will drive the Blazer and boat trailer, meeting up with me along the way. That should be fun.



  1. Here's hoping that you have backup plans in case life happens along the way.

  2. No open toed sandals if you choose to walk through the streets of San Francisco is my recommendation.