Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Human powered world travel

My lovely wife and I went for a drive to Rangely Maine. There was a nice talk by a young European couple, Zoe and Oliver, who’ve been traveling the world. Mostly, they are doing it all self powered. They’ve traveled by bike, backpacking, sailing and canoe so far. Here’s their Youtube channel.

So what does it cost to travel the world? That’s the question Americans tend to ask. In other parts of the world they are more interested in their marital status or why they don’t have children.

Yeah, yeah, but what does it cost? They estimated their trip would cost about $30/day. They worked for about four years and saved their money. They bought $100 bikes and took off. They still have the same bikes. The young woman, Zoe, had to fly back to Holland to have ovarian surgery. Flights home and back were not in the original budget. In spite of that, it’s been actually costing them less that $20/day.

They stress they are not tourists but travelers. There’s a huge difference. My lovely wife and really relate to that as that’s how we tend to think of ourselves. You’ve got to slow down, travel back roads, and get to know the locals.

One of the things you discover when traveling that way is that people, in general, tend to be kind. It’s something most people should do. You don’t have to go for years or do it with a bicycle, but you should travel if you can.

Don’t be a tourist who goes from resort to resort as you’ve never learn anything special. It’s also cost you a lot more than 20/day.



  1. To me, a tourist is a person who shops and buys mementos of the trip. A traveler is an indvidual who's main goal is looking about and admiring what the area has to offer. Very money is required to watch a sunset - you don't need to go to a museum to appreciate what is provided free of charge. Sharing those experiences with your travel partner is much of the fun.

    1. Pretty good definition!

      Travel with a good partner makes all the difference. It's wonderful to have someone to share the special moments with.

    2. Most definitely on partner thoughts - what good is beauty if it can't be shared with another ?

      Also - missed the word 'little' in above 8:00 AM (Very little money).

  2. That $50000 sailboat looks nice. Glad they developed the skills to handle it across a few oceans. Assume they convert between modalities of low cost transportation, and buy/sell the boat upon need.

    1. They hitched a ride on someone else's boat. Actually, only Zoe made it all the way. Oliver was sea sick the whole time onboard and only went from Portugal to Africa.

    2. makes sense. appreciate clarity