Saturday, September 21, 2019

North Korean Weapons Program

In spite of some nice photos, smiles and handshakes, North Korea continues its nuclear program. This Newsweek article states that they could have up to 40 nuclear bombs in 2020. Too bad we aren’t paying all that much attention to them right now.

The crisis of the week involves Iran, another nuclear wanna be. Of course, they are working towards a bomb, while North Korea has already tested theirs. No matter, now we are going to worry about Iran. In fact the US administration is blaming them for a Saudi drone attack. That drone attack, while it did impressive damage, didn’t kill anyone. Pretty strategic, especially when you consider US drones just killed 30 farmers in Afganistan. That should insure a good supply of people who hate the US.

Does anyone remember when Venezuela was the big crisis? Those were days. Lately it seems that the United States can only focus on one crisis at a time. Not only that, some crisis are more popular than others.

Do you know who has not forgotten North Korea? Japan. They will not tolerate a nuclear armed North Korea forever. They have not been silent about it either. Not only that, Japan has seriously pushed the constitutional limits on their military. One small example: they have helicopter carriers that only need VTOL jets like the F-35 to be actual air craft carriers. By the way, they have a very aggressive program for acquiring F-35s. Imagine that.

Should Japan attack North Korea, the US would soon be drawn into the conflict. Any idea how China would deal with an attack? Is history going to repeat itself?

Interesting times.



  1. Me thinks Pompeo is "Bolton light".

  2. Maybe one difference between Iranians and North Koreans is religious fanatacism. Iran has rulers which are willing to die for their religion - North Korea is all about blackmail to get some free materials.

    At least that is my perception. I do agree this is a dangerous game. Nuclear detonations are for keeps and no take-backs. And don't think it would be just the two - other countries would jump in as well.

    1. North Korea's leadership is relying on its nuclear weapons to stay in power. They fear it's the only thing keeping them in power right now.