Friday, October 18, 2019

Coming Home

This was a quick photo taken through the dirty windshield of moving vehicle. I was just coming to the southern end of the White Mountains on rt. 93. After spending the night downstate, home was calling me. No time to stop for proper pictures.

I had a meeting with some good people for one of my side endeavors. Part of what was discussed was how to keep in touch and do business while I’m on the road. Even though getting ready for travel has taken up a lot of time, it was definitely worth taking a couple days to sort out some plans.

Once again this year my lovely wife and I missed the big boat show in Annapolis. Months ago we’d done some preliminary planning and research. Like so much else, time and money issues killed that idea. We’d even looked at possibly going to smaller and closer boat shows. There we ran into two problems. Once was scheduling conflicts. The other was that the boat shows we could make mostly concerned powerboats and not sailing.

When it come right down to it, instead of going to shows, we should save our money for the next boat. To be honest, we really can’t afford much of anything at those shows. That doesn’t mean it’s not fun to look. There are usually interesting talks and discussions that are worthwhile at these shows. By themselves they are often worth the price of admission.

Oh well, can’t be at all the places doing all the things. As it is we do an awful lot with very little and sometimes in life there are rainbows.



  1. Looks like the rainbow is showing you the way home. Good sign if you ask me!

    1. It was . . . even if I didn't find the pot of gold at the end.

  2. Even your very little , is probably much more than some of us heh heh.

    1. I am grateful for what I have. . . not that bit more wouldn't be nice.