Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Less than a week

It’s less than a week before we close the house down until sometime in the spring. We’ve been concentrating on the nuts and bolts stuff, like getting the boat and our camping gear ready. My lovely wife is almost done sewing new covers for the boat cushions. I’ve a transponder to mount, but that’s about the last of it.

There’s still a fair sized list of the business stuff that needs doing. I just made a list so as not to forgot anything. Monday it was my New Hampshire DMV day. My state allows residents to renew driver’s licenses up to six months ahead of time. Since mine was going to expire before we plan on getting home, it had to be done. Overall, it went fairly well. The lady who did the eye test seemed surprised when I passed. She asked in an angry voice if I had contacts on. Guess I look too old to see without glasses.

My Internet company allows me to suspend service while I’m gone, so that’ll save a few dollars. No sense spending money when I don’t have to. My mobile hotspot needs to be sorted out. The company says it’s activated, but there’s some sort of password issue that may require customer support. I hate talking to those people, but the clock is running.

By the way, after my little woodstove creosote incident, I ended up taking the woodstove all apart and removing all the soot. Since it’s a cookstove there are channels for the hot smoke to circulate around the oven. Those tend to soot up and need cleaning now and then. It’s in great shape now.

You never really get everything done before a big trip. The main thing is to make sure the essential items are ticked off the list.


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