Tuesday, October 8, 2019

So now we have chickens

We’ve got three chickens and a rooster with one bum leg living at our house. They aren’t our chickens but the neighbor's. The chickens go home in the evening to roost, but that’s about it. The rest of the time they hang around our place.

I think the chickens would rather deal with our dog than their owner’s two labs. Brownie listens pretty well and knows better than to hurt the chickens. I’m pretty sure one of the labs is the reason the rooster hops on one leg. The neighbors are also doing a massive landscaping job with heavy equipment running all over the place. That scares the birds and they come running across the street to my place.

My lovely wife and I told the neighbors not to worry about their chickens. We don’t mind having them around. They are amusing to watch. They also eat a lot of bugs. The dog hasn’t come home with a single tick since the chickens have been on patrol.

My lovely wife always wanted to have chickens. The problem with that idea is that we also like to travel. It’s not like we could take a bunch of chickens on the road with us. One chicken, maybe. There is that guy who sailed around the world with his pet chicken. Now we can enjoy watching them without having to worry about them.



  1. Maybe they'll leave you some eggs! - lol

  2. Last winter, in Texas, 3 chickens and 2 rooster would visit most days from the huge fenced in residential property next to our RV park. By spring they were laying eggs on our padded outdoor patio swing. We bought inexpensive bird seed to scatter when they came by. Like yours they spent the day, ate bugs, were fun to watch and went back under the fence to roost.

    1. You even got eggs out of the deal. Not bad at all.