Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Waste of time and money?

At age 61, I just had my first visit to the eye doctor. Well that was interesting, but I probably could have skipped the whole thing.

I’ve been using reading glasses for a few years. With my driver’s license renewal coming up I figured I’d better get my eyes tested. Last time I was at the DMV I saw some poor woman flunk the eye test. She didn’t know she needed glasses and couldn’t get her license renewed.

Long story short, I’m not going to have any problem getting my license without glasses. The eye doctor showed me what glasses could do for me and it wasn’t much. Without glasses there was the very slightest blur to the letters -nothing to worry about. She admitted that people with my vision don’t normally bother with glasses.

So was it a waste of money? Not really. Now I know for sure how good my eyes are. Even more importantly, the doctor dilated my eyes and examined them for disease. They checked out fine. The dilation messed up my eyes for the rest of the afternoon, and I couldn’t get anything else done. Oh well. That wraps up the last of my medical visits before we go traveling.



  1. Glad to hear the results of your eye exam went well. Because of my type II diabetes, I have yearly eye exams due to possible damages from that disease to my eye sight. As much as I hate having and paying for the exams (I am insured), I hate the idea of blindness even more, especially if it was preventable. I have lots to see and hope that continues to my dying day.

  2. Hey Big Guy We did some visiting. The day was not wasted. Running into friends is always a productive day....signed the wife

  3. Glad the eye exam went well. I wore glasses nearly all my life until I had cataract surgery. Afterwards I didn't need them any more and still don't. Extra benefit, I reckon.

    1. Thanks! Glad your surgery worked out well for you.