Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Pet Peeve

Pet Peeve time. Here’s something I’m tired of dealing with. People see the things my lovely wife and I do and say they would love to do something like that.

. . . but . . .

They always have excuses why they couldn’t do it. People say they’d love to go camping like we do. However, they could never do it in a tent. They’d have to have a nice big RV with all the comforts. They can’t or don’t want to spend money on one so they can’t travel. If we were waiting for a perfect camping rig we wouldn’t go anywhere either.

People would love to live on a boat, but . . . yeah, it would have to be a floating apartment. Even a boat we’d be willing to live long term on is too small for these folks to spend a weekend on.

Another good one is the complaint that they could never afford to travel. If I had to have a lot of money I’d be working all the time and not traveling either.

A more valid excuse is that they aren’t healthy enough to travel. Okay, my medical issues kept us close to home last winter. That being said, my lovely wife and I have been living with health issues for years. One of the reasons we travel is that it keeps us moving and healthy. There’s a lot to be said for fresh air and exercise.

People say they want to have adventures, but most don’t really want to. They want to stay in their comfort zones. Even if it’s not fun, it’s familiar. People settle. It’s sad.



  1. LOL - Reminds me of a discussion that I've had with my wife several times over the years. She says that her father used to take them "camping" when they vacationed years ago, yet they always stayed in cabins. She's never slept in a tent in her life. I told her that she's only been "cabining," never camping.

  2. your correct about comfort zones...they dictate over everything we do for the majority of us. Basic human nature.
    That is why we continue to live as we do with big government shredding the constitution and getting more control over us. We are afraid they will take are scraps away if we try to curtail them as the founders warned us we should. FACT.
    The lobster in the pot thinks he is in HIS comfort zone...untill too late

    1. I've learned to jump out of the pot long before the heat's turned up.

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