Saturday, October 5, 2019

Lyme Vaccine

There’s a lyme disease vaccine entering its final trial stages. The last vaccine we had against lyme was pulled over safety concerns. There’s some debate on whether or not that was necessary. At any rate, that’s made getting a new vaccine to market troublesome.

My thoughts on vaccines in general tend to get me in trouble with both pro vaccine and anti vaccine people. I’m not against children getting vaccines. However, I have a problem with how it’s done. They give vaccines for a wide variety of diseases in one massive dose. You can get your child on a different schedule that doesn’t combine everything. That requires that you keep coming back to the doctor’s until all the required vaccines are given. I think that might avoid giving too much too soon to a kid and is easier on the body. I am not a doctor so that’s just my opinion.

I don’t get the flu vaccine. That’s my choice. If I don’t get it I may or may not get the flu. However, if I get the vaccine I will definitely feel sick from the shot. Your mileage may vary. Yes, I know all about herd immunity, but I still think my individual freedom has value too. I knew a person who was in charge of infection control at a hospital. To this day the flu shot is optional for workers there. However, if you don’t get the shot you have to wear a face mask. Last winter I saw a lot of hospital workers with face masks.

So what will I do if the lyme vaccine becomes available? I’m going to get it. Lyme is a nasty disease. I’m out in the woods all the time and have to do constant tick checks. The vaccine probably will be less risky than all the bug repellent I have to wear to go outside.



  1. I just received my flu shot this week with no ill effects, but my wife got hers last week and had discomfort for a couple of days. On the other hand my 1st shingest (SP) shot I spent the next day in bed with a fever and the chills! Go figure!

    1. It always seems to be a gamble with how a person is going to react.

      My lovely wife and I are also getting in last minute doctor's visits before hitting the road. Turns out she broke a toe and has to take it easy for a few weeks. It's always something.