Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Building Stuff

No doubt there will be another spike in lumber prices. There’s an awful lot of housing that needs to be rebuilt in the wake of Hurricane Ian. Prices had gone up during the pandemic when a lot of people were staying home. To keep busy a people did home renovations. Once things eased up a bit there was a housing boom. New houses were being built and older ones renovated. 

If you need materials for a house project you’d better pick them up now. 

I’d been putting off a few projects at my house waiting for prices to get a bit more reasonable. The prices at the local building supply stores had dropped below that of the big chains. It helps to be close to local saw mills. It felt good to be able to buy the lumber I wanted. 

It had been a while since I’d built anything of significance and I’d forgotten how much I enjoy it. In that way I think I take after my dad a bit. He never needed therapy; he had tools and stuff to build. He was almost always in a better mood after time in the shop. 

My complaining about lumber prices about to go up comes from a privileged position. It’s not like I lost my house in a storm. However, the projects I’m doing are necessary to get through the winter in good shape, so they aren’t trivial either.



  1. Building is hard work but so satisfying.

    You can with a little more work build unique features in your structures making them more personal.

    Like a double shed roof over a wood pile with a 2 X 4 spacing between the metal roofing panels so you can fit solar food drying screens in there for dehydrating veggies, fruits and such. You can tarp firewood or build a roof over it in the sunshine and get double duty.

  2. Things you can do to improve your place is not money wasted if you aren't planning on moving any time soon. I have heard though that the housing market may be beginning a cycle of price corrections. Some locations charge way too much for a home that in a different location will cost much less.

    Your post describes the building as mental therapy - sounds good to me ! I prefer working with tools that don't plug in and make a racket. Takes much longer to accomplish but my mind is more rested I think.

  3. Holy guacamole ! Got out the chainsaw and attacked the tree laying in my layers yard. To say the least the girls (chickens) didn't like that eighteen inch hunk of wood sitting six feet above their heads.
    Risky business , cutting up something that far off the ground . Lot of major branches that were all spring loaded with tonage. Wedged between two cabbage palms. Got er done tho. It's all laying on the ground now. Except for a couple big assed branches perched in the top of the thirty foot palms...
    Tomorrow I'll be repairing the hurricane fencing that is the girls yard. The top one inch conduit pipes look like pretzels.
    Yup I definitely felt my disability last night. Bit of Jamison's helped that....

  4. Price of Lumber: My Garage will fall down.

  5. yep, that's why i ran out and bought the lumber for a future project, and a few extra for hard times. osb had fallen from 50 bucks a sheet to 14.80 here. that will skyrocket asa florida gets to rebuilding. i like to keep at least enough on hand to build a deluxe outhouse, lol.

  6. The condition my garage is in, I am considering purchasing a bag of marshmallows.