Friday, October 7, 2022

Capitalist War Fighting

Ukraine pays cash for Russian soldiers who surrender. They have nice payouts if you surrender with equipment like a helicopter or a tank. It’s probably the best deal these Russians are ever going to get. They are also offered Ukrainian citizenship. 

It’s a really smart move for the Ukrainians. They get enemy combatants off the battlefield and they acquire equipment at good discounts. This is one of the few wars were both sides use so much of the same equipment. Not only do the Ukrainians get equipment, they know how to use it. 

I don’t know how often this sort of equipment transfer takes places. It probably pales in comparison to the vast amount of weapons acquired from fleeing Russians. They say the amount of Russian equipment captured far exceeds the amount of equipment supplied by the west. 

Imagine the frustrations of Russian logistics. Equipment is shipped from hundreds or even thousands of miles away. It finally makes it to the front lines. Then the Ukrainians acquire the vehicles. They paint fresh ID information over the Russian “Z.” Before long the vehicle is back in combat -against the Russian side. 



  1. Let's hope the frustration level on the Kremlin's side doesn't reach the point of a button.

  2. Hey!

    Anyone seen Cindy Sheehan?