Sunday, October 9, 2022

Odds and Ends

Well, it looks like Russia’s logistic problems keep getting worse. At the time of writing the Kerch bridge that connects Crimea with Russia has suffered significant damage. No idea exactly how bad or for how long it’ll be out of order. Not only was the roadway damaged, the rail bridge was also shut down. Russia moves everything of significance by rail. Right now I don’t know how it was damaged, but if it happened once it can happen again.

On Friday I dropped off another load of waste vegetable oil to a biodiesel company in Vermont. That’s about the last of the stuff I had stored back when I ran diesel vehicles on waste vegetable oil. With that gone it’ll be much easier to sort out my basement, including adding more insulation.

When we got back home from Vermont I saw a very large black bear about 200 feet from my house. It would not surprise me if his sensitive nose picked up the lingering smell of vegetable oil. There was a small amount of spillage on the grass and that would be enough for a bear to investigate. 

I’d also like to add a bit more to my blog post about tents. I’m a big proponent of using large, comfortable, well made tents. They are really great if you are establishing a base camp for a couple weeks or longer. We also travel with a small tent that’s quick and easy to set up. That’s really helpful when traveling and you are only stopping overnight. 

If traveling by van there’s another neat trick with a small tent. Let’s say you have a great dispersed camping site. Even though you are living out a the van, set up a cheap tent on the site. You don’t even have to put anything in it. The idea is that it serves as a place holder. If you go somewhere with your vehicle there’s still something on your site to show it’s occupied. 

Well, that’s a few random things I want to write whole blog posts about. 



  1. Tents are great , until put up against standing water. When even the high ground has this problem. Tents suck.

    1. It helps if you don't live on a giant sandbar or in a swamp. :)

  2. On another note....why not filter and burn your waste veggie oil in the furnace ?

    1. Tried that. Disaster. Just didn't work. I had to drain the fuel tank to get most of the veggie out. Then what little was left had to be seriously diluted with diesel before it would burn. The veggie/heating oil mix was burned in my diesel engines.

      Then I built a special burner just for veggie. Worked great out in the yard. Installed in the basement it almost burned the house down. My lovely wife put an end to those experiments. *just when I was making real progress too.