Thursday, October 6, 2022

In Tents

A friend’s son was looking to do some traveling. He priced out different types of small camper trailers. Tear drop campers are very popular and caught his attention. Aliner makes some nice A frame pop up trailers. They have the advantage of low windage when folded down. Set up is quick. Unlike most pop up it has hard walls, which is a nice feature. 

So in the end he picked up a good canvas tent. A lot of people are going that way. The young man might have also been inspired by the example of his dad who once traveled the country in a tent. Like father like son. 

There are some advantages to tent living. For one thing you don’t need a conversion van, expensive RV or a huge tow vehicle. Heck, you can strap a tent on a bicycle and call it good. You don’t have to look for huge parking spaces. Camp sites are much cheaper as you don’t need full hookups. There are more site options. 

While a tent is cheaper, there’s such a thing as a too cheap. Spend a few extra bucks and get a quality tent from a reputable company. Don’t get a bargain tent from a big box store. They leak. That will ruin any trip and might even put your health in jeopardy. Our L. L. Bean tent survived Florida thunderstorms with 60 mph winds. 

If you are not backpacking or cycle camping weight isn’t a big issue. Get a sizable tent. My lovely wife and I feel comfortable in a 6 person tents. Attached vestibules big enough for a couple chairs and a card table gives us even more living area. 

Sort out your sleep system. Find something that works for you. It could be an inflatable mattress or cots or something else. One couple I know have a foldable bed frame mated with a roll up mattress. They like their comfort and there’s nothing wrong with that. 

So what do you do if you have day after day of crappy weather? Rent a hotel room. After all, with the money you saved not buying an RV you can afford a hotel now and then.



  1. Traveling and sleeping outside afterwards sounds like an adventure. A good way to see sights that are not commonly seen and appreciated. I hope the trip goes well.

  2. I will eventually return to my tent. It's lonely.

  3. Short trips close to home to test things out and find what you need to change are recommended for new campers. Nothing beats first hand experience.