Friday, March 10, 2023

Pushing Spring and Tourist Towns

My lovely wife and I went for a drive to a tourist town about an hour away. The roads were perfectly clear of snow and there were only a few flurries. For a moment I wondered if maybe I could take the motor scooter out for a short ride. Then sanity kicked it -something not guaranteed to happen.

If you have to shovel a 30 foot path through 2 feet of snow it’s too early to take the bike out. 

Instead we continued on to the tourist town. It has things like bookstores and coffee shops. Once in a while it’s good to get out of the woods. 

People travel from all over the world to our little mountain towns. It’s nice to play tourist in our own backyard once in a while. I’m always amused when someone tries to sell us a time share. Those salespeople are nothing if not persistent. When I tell them I already have a place in the area they bet they can make me a better deal. 

They can’t make me a better deal. 

I can tie up my sailboat off my private beach. Sure, it’s not a huge lake, but it’s big enough to sail my boat, paddle my canoes, and catch a few fish. I don’t care if your condo time share has a heated pool.



  1. I always ask, "How much time do we share?" That usually stops the sales tactic. You don't have to go to far from here to find 7 feet of snow in the hills. Supposed to snow some more next week. Springs a comin.