Monday, March 20, 2023

Snow Pack

Okay, I’m getting a bit annoyed at our snow pack. By this time in March it’s usually possible to walk in the woods without snowshoes. In recent years it seems we’ve had mild winters but they’d linger. Here in the Great North Woods of New Hampshire the weather can be like that. In recent years we go from winter straight into summer. There isn’t much spring at all. Frankly, I’m feeling ready for the switch.

Many I’m just getting tired of paying to heat the place. 

Out west all that water is taking the edge off the drought. Decades of drought aren’t made up for in one wet season. However, the reservoirs are gaining water. The day of reckoning is put off again. 

My youngest daughter and her husband own and run a couple of restaurants in California. They had a major power outage. Even though the power was out their gas stove and grill was still working. If you had cash they could still feed you. They did a pretty steady business during the power outage. Kids were getting kabobs for breakfast . . . and loving it. 

With the cooler weather in March I misjudged my heating fuel usage. My oil tank ran dry a few days before the next delivery. It’s not a big deal as I’ve still got the woodstove. I know how to bleed the air out of the fuel lines and restart the furnace. It’s not rocket science and it saves me a service fee. In a pinch I could always pour a couple jugs of off-road diesel in the tank and burn that. 

Warmer weather can get here anytime and that would be fine by me. 

I may be starting to suffer a bit of cabin fever. 



  1. 50's today, 60's tomorrow. I just put a hundred gallons in my tank. That's the hot water for us. Not to fear, warmness is coming it's inevitable.
    I could use a good walk in the woods my self.

    1. I've got a 100 gallons coming on Wednesday. It's the one day they come out here in the woods. My high temp today is 38.