Monday, March 6, 2023

What is Ford thinking?

Ford has applied for a patent for cars that would repossess itself. If you are late on your payments the car drives itself to the impound lot. Another option would be to turn off features like air conditioning. Teslas have always been configured to allow for factory changes. Ford’s idea is just taking it to the next level. 

It all feels very Big Brother to me. Big Corporation? 

Personally, I never want to own a car with “features” like that. Do you really own a car that can be altered or even driven away without your consent? I’d rather buy an old beater and pay cash for it. 

Frankly, I’m not a big fan of keyless locks and ignition. The signal from the key fob can easily be copied using readily available devices. I’d rather have an old fashioned key. The ones with the chips inside are more secure but I like the plain metal keys. It’s nice to have a bunch of cheap copies handy. Of course if you have an old beater with a manual transmission nobody is going to want to steal it anyway. 

Ford’s technology isn’t free either. The extra cost of adding the repo system will show up in the price. How would you feel about paying extra for a “feature” like that?

The obvious thing to do is to not buy vehicles with those systems. That’s how Capitalism works. Of course, Ford might lobby to make such devices required by law. That’s Corrupt Capitalism at work. 

Hopefully there will be enough of an outcry that Ford will drop the whole idea. 



  1. Ford is thinking "I scratch the back and they scratch mine".

    Cheaper to "Lobby" (Since Bribe is SO Uncouth) "Politicians" (Since Whores is SO Uncouth) as Politicians WANT MOAR Control.

    Nothing like being able to turn OFF your Car for a Poor Social Credit Rating, eh?

    Yeah, and I bet that Old Clunkers will somehow be banned for being evil to the Environment or something.

    Like literally Burning 100's of gallons of Diesel mining TONS of earth for the Lithium and other rare earths needed for those "No Emission" cars is Nice to Mother Nature.

    Not to mention Real World(tm) Child Slavery processing the rare earths in a stew of carcinogenic chemicals.

    Or burning tons of Coal for the electricity to charge it up. One car being charged fully is around the same amount of a typical American Home's daily power use. Yes, I looked it up.

    Like our faltering grid NEEDS more All Electric homes (or e-cars) on it?

    Back to Ford, and other big business they are responding to the Needs of Big Government.

    Got to keep that Business Welfare going, eh?

    1. I'm hoping that pubic outcry and voting with dollars will change Ford's mind. There are times when I think I'll be down to a bicycle and a canoe. Actually, that's sounding better all the time.