Friday, March 31, 2023

Grand Jury Indicts Trump

Trumps legal troubles have reached a new high. Once again, Trump does something no former president has ever done. He’s been indicted for a crime. Considering how which collar criminals are treated in this country that’s a big deal. The rich and powerful have a totally different justice system from the rest of us. 

For him to be indited is big news. Of course, we won’t know the details until later. I am curious to see how his surrender to authorities will look like. 

Here’s the thing: this isn’t the most serious crimes he’s been charged with. There are other cases working their way through the legal system. What this NY case does is show that he can be indicted. Once the dam breaks the flood starts. 

It’s no secret I’ve never been a fan of the man. That’s my right as an American. I’m prepared for this. There’s a bottle of good quality single malt scotch sitting my liquor cabinet that I’ve been saving. 

In an earlier blog I mentioned that I didn’t expect his supporters to cause much of a fuss. There may be a lot of gnashing of teeth on social media, but I’m not on those platforms. As for coming out in the streets -not so much. That doesn’t mean there won’t be a few idiots, but there are always idiots. Some even think they’ll be pardoned by Trump for any legal problems. However, when he had the legal authority to pardon the January 6 bozos he never lifted a finger. How they expect an indicted criminal to pardon them is beyond me. 



  1. I wonder if anybody is doing the math on the years of political lawfare against Trump?

    6 years of going to "Get Him".

    I think he's Emmanuel Goldstein is the principal enemy of the state of Oceania. The political propaganda of The Party portrays Goldstein as the leader of The Brotherhood, a secret, counter-revolutionary organization who violently oppose the leadership of Big Brother and the Ingsoc régime of The Party..

    1984 the guide book of the current regime.

    Happy Trump Disorder Day!

    1. They are among us Michael, ask them to show you on the doll where he hurt them!

    2. Sorry FG, I don't agree about your posting to annoy friendly folks.

      I just try to gently point out facts.

      The country I served for most of my adult life is nearly dead and I morn that.

  2. A snip from a blog I've found pretty accurate over the decade I've been reading.

    The Party of Chaos looks pretty smugly secure for the moment. If Alvin Bragg’s flimsy case in New York falls apart, as many expect, they have grand juries lined up against Mr. Trump in other jurisdictions, waiting patiently to take their turns at the political assassination of this supposed “threat to our democracy.” Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared yesterday that Mr. Trump “has the right to prove his innocence.” She apparently forgot how our legal system works, which is that defendants are presumed innocent and it’s the government’s task to prove someone guilty.

    As to qualifications to be president, the Constitution simply states: a presidential candidate must be a natural born citizen of the United States, a resident for 14 years, and 35 years of age or older. There is no language in Article II that might legally prevent someone convicted of a crime, fairly or otherwise, from running for the job.

    If you like I can provide a link to dear Nancy's tweet (at least until they take it down like other embarrassments to THE PARTY)

    I am ashamed of the current regime. I wonder if there will ever be a real election in America again.

  3. A corrupt man is now in the hands of a potentially equally corrupt court, things will get interesting.

  4. John, do you have enough oil in your lamp to find an Honest Politician?

    I'll wait over here with a cup of coffee. :-)

    1. heh heh, I'm so happy I'm not into politics. I have a problem with organized crime running our daily affairs.

  5. This is a legal matter. Trump now benefits from the presumption of innocence. We'll have to wait and see how the legal process plays out. However, this being the real world there will be an awful lot of political posturing. As for "weaponizing" the justice system, nobody has done more of that than Trump himself.

    This is the first case to reach this level and it's probably the weakest one. Expect more and stronger cases to come down. That doesn't mean he can't be convicted of the NY charges.

  6. "As for "weaponizing" the justice system, nobody has done more of that than Trump himself."

    Interesting comment.

    Care to drop a link or two to prove your point Friend?

    Seems it's been 6 years of weaponized lawfare against Trump so far. I'd like to hear your facts 6 Bears.

    I think a few hundred current and former politicians over decades *might* have more responsibility in "weaponizing the justice system".

    1. He incited a massive riot and rush on the hallowed grounds of government using political rhetoric out in front for all of us to see, what further proof do you need?

  7. I don't suppose you "read" the tweet in question, did you?

    I could look and post a link tomorrow am if you wish.

    Hallowed halls of Chinese owned whores. Fixed it for you John.

    BTW have you wondered about the released videos of the "Supposed Insurrection"?

    I'm amazed that there are openly available videos showing the Capital Police taking them for a TOUR of the Captial inside the velvet ropes. That weird Shaman dude just got released just this week BECAUSE of those videos.

    Must have been legal enough proof for that DC Judge.

    I could go on but I will be polite about the massive fraud of Jan 6th.

    1. Michael, we live in the greatest country the planet has ever known. The Kool Aid is a choice, you shouldn't have drank it. There is always Canada, or Mexico. I've been places where standing in the open will make you feel the scope. To thine own self be true.

  8. Sorry John that's pretty weak sauce compared to the country you and I fought for just a few years ago.

    The cleanest shirt in the dirty laundry isn't really something to boast about.

    We went from energy independence to begging Venezuela and Saudi Arabia for even more oil. If I remember Saudi Arabia didn't even grace Bidens visit with a F2F with their Prince but a secondary official to tell him NO.

    We stand a real good chance to see real hunger in America in the next two years.

    Yeah, something to be proud of the last year or so, eh?

    As a blogger I've learned to trust posts in every post now:

    * Biden won more votes than any other candidate in history. I repeat the official truth every time I refer to Biden because I want everyone to hear it and face what they heard. Biden got 81,283,501 votes and every single one is unquestionable. Don’t look away. Watch it play out.

    Before you jump through a bunch of mental hoops what would you say to me IF Trump over saw the last year or so?

    I bet it wouldn't be kind.

    Honorable Warriors have to be truthful with themselves, even if it's not comfortable. We are warriors John. We both gave America a blank check of service that could have had us dead and MIA. I respect your service, friend.

    1. Michael I thank you for your service. Warriors? A word...words don't fight. I am a truth seeker, I respect your point of view, however you and I are diametrically opposed and sit on opposite sides of the ring. I am not Republican, I am not a Democrat. I AM myself. I write myself, however I stay away from BS. I am but a monk on the road to Perdition. If you enjoy reading for entertainment: Now and Zen. Peace and Balance, John Lessons come in stages of force.

  9. A Sad thought that a balance (zen) person cannot find a meeting point between us.

    I mistook your comments of being a warrior at face value. Sorry to misunderstand your words.

    If you didn't notice my little poem I posted before;

    Republicans are red
    Democrats are blue
    and neither give a shit about you.

    I despise all professional politicians. I've had more than a couple of coffee meet ups with Bernie and a few others I thought intelligent.

    Power does corrupt and the near total power of CONgress corrupts completely.

    I do research and often find my opinions need adjustments. At one time I would have called myself a Democrat but the Democrat party left me, so I looked at Republican, but they have clay feet where their words and deeds don't match.

    Travel well Rainbow Buddha.

    1. Lao Tzu said, "Politics is for children." We live in the oldest Democracy on the planet. It is not the words that make changes it is the action. I have a long memory, and have heard talk like yours before. Let's not get caught watching the Master, but rather look in the direction he is pointing, and make our own judgements. The last time, my ancestors died at the hands of men in blue coats. Sometimes the corrupted don't even realize they've been corrupted until they've been exorcised from their demons. First lies are cast to the masses, and wars are started. If the listeners are savy the first one to die is the one speaking the lie. You've quoted Job in the past, a wager between God and the Devil? Or, a demented deity arguing with himself over the welfare of his child? This is the place I put Trump, and Putin, and Kim Jung, are we savy? Who is in charge? Peace and Balance,

  10. I'm one quarter Cherokee from my Grandmother.

    I made it a point to learn of the trail of tears and hiked a fair bit to grok it properly.

    You can put your blue coats stuff back in your bag.