Thursday, March 23, 2023

Winter in New England

For quite a few years my lovely wife and I escaped the snow and did the snowbird thing. Now that spring is here it’s official: we spent the winter in New England. 

I’ve been somewhat vague about my wife’s health journey. Let’s just say there’s still things to sort out. She’s got another appointment with her regular doctor next week. After that we are tracking down specialists. It doesn’t appear to be anything life threatening, but there are quality of life issues. Had we been traveling these issues would have been ten times more difficult to deal with. 

As for myself I just sorted out how to get Medicare without ever having paid into the system. That took a minute. Now that I have somewhat decent insurance I’m catching up on a few things. 

We’ve also been dealing with family and friends issues. Most of our family is still in New England so it made sense to stay close to home. 

Will be be traveling next winter? That’s a definite maybe. It all depends on how things sort out. However, we are experienced travelers and can hit the road with very little notice.



  1. In my mind , those which collect from a fund without ever having paid into it...have no cause to bitch about it going bust, from its running out of funds.

    1. Sometimes people say things without knowing the facts, Firefighters are hero's and should be treated as such. Funds or not.

    2. Funny about that. Long story short. Firefighters used to have our own decent medical insurance. Funding was cut off and it got stupid expensive and worthless. I got on Medicare under my wife's contributions -just like a stay at home wife gets in under their husband's contributions.

  2. Before traveling South, West or a combination of either, it might be pertinent to pay attention to all the Dog Fighting practice above our heads and ask, "Why, Now?"

    1. So you noticed the heavy military air traffic last night too?

    2. Wow I was wondering about all the Military aircraft action over the past month. I am used to the Thursday flights since forever but it's been almost every evening lately.

    3. I guess they were tossing flares around and doing the play tag game.

    4. Interesting, I've got to go outside and look to see if they are doing evasive flare training tonight.

      A lot of air time, wear and tear and jet fuel getting burned up.

  3. Spud you're a nice bit of work. Never let lack of information prevent you from spouting your "Wisdom".

    For the longest time military didn't put into Social Security. What's your so well thought out opinion about that French Fries?

  4. Well excuse me for having an opinion on why SS is going bust !
    Obviously because it has long had hands dipping into the system without paying in...

    I don't blame those that have had need for collecting.

    So far as "my wisdom" , you can fuck off Michael

  5. 6 Bears off topic but worrisome, feel free to delete if you want.

    Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will convene the heads of top US financial regulators Friday morning for a previously unscheduled meeting of the Financial Stability Oversight Council.

    The meeting will be closed to the public, the Treasury Department said in a statement. The Treasury didn’t say what time the meeting would begin, and it wasn’t immediately clear whether the council would issue a statement following the meeting.

    The step comes as regulators continue efforts to instill calm in financial markets and among bank depositors following the recent failure of two mid-sized lenders in the US and the near-collapse of banking giant ...

    We maybe quite close to a Banking Holiday. Bank owned credit cards maybe frozen until things are figured out.

    Look on the back of your card to see what bank owns it.

    Got cash and a deep larder?

    Tempus Fugit

    1. Credit cards are in trouble because people are in trouble. That's an awful lot of unsecured debt.

      I'm not sure what to think about the meeting. They are certainly paying things close to the vest.

  6. Credit card debt is a terrible trap. I fell into it when I first got a few credit cards but literally froze them in baggies of water and ate Mac and Cheese for months until I paid them off.

    Unsecured debt and Auto Loans might be real trouble for already strapped working poor and SAD to say soon to BE working poor.

    Your bank might be closed and your credit cards frozen but I BET the debts will continue.

    So far the meeting reports is a nothingburger but I've gotten in the early am habit of looking at the Asian markets for clues of the day.

  7. Sounds like it's time to max out the cards and go bankrupt with the banks. LOL