Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Back in the bad old days

It's pretty easy to take the Internet for granted.


It's a huge source of nearly free information.

Here's what I had to do back in the old days:

I wanted to learn about dome homes. That required buying books and magazines. My local library had nothing about the subject. It was at least a 40 mile drive to the nearest book store. In one book there was a list of different dome companies. I wrote a form letter to 27 companies. Each letter had to be put in an envelope, stamped and physically mailed. Time went by. Eventually, 8 companies wrote back to me. I wrote three of those for more information. From their replies, one was selected. A paper check was mailed to the company. After the check cleared, the company mailed the plans and an instruction book.

Just getting information was a significant expense in time and money. There was no contact with a larger community of dome builders. There was no support if I ran into trouble.

In spite of all that, the job got done.

The Internet eliminates many of these steps, makes them cheaper, or at least a lot faster.

So . . . you've got this great tool at your disposal. What are you doing with it?


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  1. I think look at porn. That's what it's for, right?