Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Words have power. Read your Genesis. We create with words -be they spoken or written. Human beings are the creatures that evolve through culture. Handy that. Culture is transmitted through words. Words can transform and change the culture, or they can help anchor and preserve it.

Maybe this blog, in my own small way, will do a little of both.

What's this all about anyway? A whole bunch of things. My life has been varied and full of experimentation. I've done everything from build snowshoes to editing a speculative fiction webzine. I've dabbled in alternative energy, unusual architecture, slow foods, hunting and fishing, firearms, vegetarianism, small boats, dowsing, alternative healing, firefighting, travel, juggling, and . . . blog, writing.

I'm that guy who wants to fix something if it's broke, and often can.

Life is so darn interesting.

I met a girl when I was 20. Four months later we were married. That's been over 30 years ago and we are still going strong. I've three daughters who have each had a daughter. As a young man I wanted to be surrounded by beautiful women. It's happened, but not as I'd imagined it.

That's life for you.

When I listen for the voice of God, all too often all I hear is laughter.

Guess that says something about me, God, the nature of the universe, or perhaps all of the above.



  1. Hey there, sixbears. I've seen your commenting elsewhere. Knew NOTHING about you. That has changed. I am in it for the read from this welcome page up to today June 3, 2012. This one gave me a nice feeling for now I know some things about you. I like! Thanks for sharing yourself. Sissy

  2. Welcome! Thanks for the kind words.