Thursday, December 3, 2009

Words just tumble out of my mouth

I've been known to make pronouncements. That's no big deal, everybody does. However, unlike most people I have John Tiberius to remember what I said. John's known me since way back in Junior High School. That's so far back in time that history books only had about 8 pages, as not much had happened yet.

Now it's nice to have someone like John around, memory being what it is. At least I've got his to rely on, instead of my own.

So I make the occasional pronouncement. Like you what, you ask? Like when I dropped out of college and said "They'd have to pay me to go back to school." JT remembered that 19 years later I went back to college -and got paid for it.

Old JT remembered when I boldly pronounced, "If gas got to a dollar a gallon, I'd stop buying the stuff."

Yep, that happened too, and JT reminded me of it.

Haven't bought gas in years. Check back to the last time it was under a dollar. That's the last time I put gas in my car.

"How have I done such a feat?" One may ask?

No, it wasn't by losing my driver's license though repeated DWI convictions. It wasn't by switching to public transportation. Not much of that up here in the woods. Transportation people tend not to put public transport in places that don't have a whole lot of public. I did not switch to bicycle riding. Nothing against bicycles -except that they don't work well when it's -40 and the roads are snow and ice covered.

I switched to diesel vehicles.

Not so much for the fact they burn diesel instead of gas, but because they can be altered to also burn waste vegetable oil. 95% of the time, it's WVO that runs my vehicles. I get my waste veggie for the cost of hauling it away. It works for me.

I wonder what other marvelous thing I'm going to do next? Maybe I'll ask JT if there are any portentous pronouncements still in his memory bank.

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