Thursday, December 10, 2009

Plan B

They say it's good to have a plan B. Not a bad idea. Nice to have backup.

Living way back up in the woods, we have a lot of plan B's.

Good to have a woodstove to back up your oil heat -or in my case, an oil furnace to back up the wood heat.

When you drive old vehicles like I do, It's almost necessary to have two -one for backup in case the primary breaks down. It's another plan B.

Backups, preps, two is one and one is none, everything's about having a plan B.

Food storage in case you can't go to the store. Canned veggies might be the plan B for fresh greens.

Your plan B can keep you going. Gotta have a plan B.

There's a problem with plan B. By its nature, it's not quite as good as plan A. If it was better, it wouldn't be plan B, it'd be plan A.

Plan B can be somewhat of a kludge. It's a work around. It'll do. Today I'm driving my car during the biggest snowstorm of the season. Plan A would have been taking the 4x4 truck. It's in the shop -so the car is plan B. It's not a bad plan B, as far as they go. At least the old beater has good snowtires.

Falling back to plan B once in a while isn't all that bad. Problems compound when your life has too many plan B's.

If you reach a point in your life where everything you do is your plan B, there's something wrong. Maybe it's time to reconfigure your life so that it's not just one band-aid patch on top of another. Maybe just your expectations are wrong. At that point you've got to admit that your plan B is now your plan A . . . and then you'd better get another plan B.



  1. "Prior planning prevents piss poor performance"
    USMC adage.

    I've always believed it. Non-essential systems, supplies and equipment I try to back up. Essential systems, supplies and equipment, I have a backup to the backup.

  2. Nothing worse than a 30 mile drive to get a critical 50 cent part.

  3. How so right you are, like the old saying of "fail to plan is a plan for failure"