Monday, December 7, 2009

Far from what?

"You live so far from everything!"

I hear that a lot. It's not true.

Sure, I live 15 miles from the big city. (about 11,000 people.) It's about 20 miles of bad road to a Wal*Mart.

Bit further to a good coffee shop.

Even a bit further to a book store.

A good 50+ miles to what is considered "decent" shopping.

Lets just say we don't go to the opera much.

Around here, if you live within two or three miles of someone, they are a close neighbor.

I'm far from a lot of things up here in the woods, but certainly not far from everything.

It's 350 feet to good canoeing and fishing.

I've hunted in my driveway.

2/10 of a mile away is the Northern Forest Canoe Trail. That's 740 miles of canoe trail.

I'm close to hiking trails.


Peace and quiet.



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