Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nice Morning

It's a pleasant -2 F up here in the woods this morning. It's pleasant because the wind isn't blowing. Much more bearable than temperatures in the 20's with high winds. Today I was comfortable going out in hat, gloves and a light sweatshirt.

Now I wouldn't want to spend all day outside dressed like that, but for my morning outside chores, it's fine. The woodstove in the basement needed more fuel brought in. Also split up some smaller wood for the cookstove.

Splitting wood at these temperatures is kinda fun. It seems the ax just touches the wood and it explodes apart.

I didn't work up a sweat doing the chores, and blackflies are down to a bare minimum.



  1. Raining here in Appalachia. I went out a couple of times to feed the animals, but that's it. Days like this, I stay inside.

  2. In the winter, I'll take snow over rain any day. Nothing more miserable than a cold rain.

    We've got more snow coming down tonight. Still have a truck load of wood to unload and stack, but that can wait until morning.