Monday, January 10, 2011

Close call

On Saturday there was a 50 car pile up on Rt. 93 South in NH. My lovely wife and I came close to being part of it.

We were cranking along, thinking about getting lunch at a nice restaurant in southern NH. That's what we usually do when traveling that way. However, we were running behind our normal schedule.

When we were trying to leave, a neighbor was driving by and stopped to talk . . . and talk . . . and talk some more. It would have been rude to cut him off. He was getting into some personal stuff that troubled him. Then the dog ran off and wouldn't come back. She never acts that way.

Finally, we got everything loaded up, but later than usual. We were hungry well north of our usual stop. Decided to just pick up some sandwiches at the gas station (yes, they were horrid). The store was busy. Then we had to wait to use the bathrooms. Of course, the dog needed walking. Since we were running late anyway, I decided to take the time to top off the diesel tank.

All those delays caused us to miss being part of the big pile up. It happened just about the time we'd normally be there.

Sometimes in life, you just have to go with the flow.



  1. Wonderful when circumstances intervene on your behalf!

  2. I read somewhere that this happens for a reason.And that we should embrace it instead of being angry. I guess who knows how many times we have been saved like this? Glad you'all missed the pile up!


  3. I remember that same email that chinasyndrome mentioned above, it mentioning how many people were delayed for various reason on the morning of 9/11. Very annoying at the time, the delays proved very beneficial later.

    Glad to hear you didn't have to share in the misery. Our prayers for their swift recoveries.

  4. I try not to get upset with delays. Just accept it.

  5. On 9/11 I arrived at the airport and was told that my reservation to Seattle was actually for the next day [duh!]. So after arguing and begging I was allowed on the flight. We were diverted to Albequerque after the attacks and I spent 5 days there trying to rent a car, etc. If I had 'gone with the flow' I would have been home instead of stuck in a strange town.

  6. I'd trade a crappy sandwich for avoiding a major misfortune any day. I've eaten a lot of them in my day so I may be very fortunate indeed.
    Glad things worked out for you.

  7. It was a good trade. Beats the heck out of hospital food.