Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Third time the charm?

Monday, I had my second failed attempt to register the boat trailer. The first attempt was with a bill of sale. Not enough information there. I was told an old registration would have the missing info. Not so, it turned out, if the trailer had previously been registered in the state of Maine. Apparently, Maine's requirements are not as strict as New Hampshire's.

There is a procedure for that. A police officer had to drive out to my place and physically examine the trailer. It wasn't a particularly detailed inspection. Let's just say that on a breezy -5 degree day he didn't even bother to put a coat on. He was back in his cruiser pretty darn quick. However, he did fill out the magic piece of paper.

Back to Town Hall in the morning. At least it's not much of a hardship to deal with the local officials. There's rarely a line. They all know me by name. We chat about each other's families. (part of the lubricant of small town life) The town clerk does have some sympathy for my plight, but her hands are tied on the state level.

I've decided to be amused rather than frustrated by the whole situation.

At least the boat registration went smoothly. That had to be done at the state offices. They actually let me fill in some missing info on the bill of sale. Kinda done with a nod and a wink. Nice when a state office is staffed by actual human beings.



  1. Gee, maybe there is still hope. . . .

  2. No hope down here. Fortunately the county clerks aren't all that bright, or observant. Disappear for an "appropriate" amount of time, work a little ink pen magic, then take a number...

  3. Success! Got everything in order, finally.

  4. Gotta love it when a plan finally comes together!

    Glad you finally got it done!

  5. I love small towns for the very reason that when I go into the revenue office, they know me. or into the bank, or into the store...

    it took me two times to get my truck registered. I just wanted to switch tags, but didn't bring my old registration with me. I told the lady (Vicky) that I would just go ahead and get new tags since I didn't feel like going home to get the old ones; even though they are the nice "special" game and fish ones...and I would just use those next year. Well she looked up my old tags and "found" me! (Not suppose to do that) Went real smooth, less than 9 bucks and now I'm legal.

    Now to find nuts which my bolts will fit for the plate! lol! (they screwed directly into the car)