Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter thoughts

Change of plans today. Good a good night's sleep. Had a great breakfast. Watched the news. Went back to bed. Slept until the middle of the afternoon. I think this is my body's way of fighting off a cold.

Upon awakening I discovered our predicted 1 - 3 inch snowfall was a good foot of snow. My lovely wife pointed out there was nothing we needed to do today that couldn't be done tomorrow. Wise woman that wife of mine.

Shoveled out the path to the woodpile. Brought in enough wood to keep the stove going. Headed back out to commune with the white wonderland with my shovel. Dug a path to the road.

The intrepid mail delivery woman drove through the snowbanks to deliver the mail. Oh boy, she got the bills to my house on time. Yippee!

A great grandfather of mine lived out in rural Canada. After a huge snowstorm, days went by and no paths were shoveled out of the house. The neighbors, concerned for his welfare, shoveled to his door to see what was going on. He was fine. The guy thought being snowed in was a great opportunity to finally get a chance to read some great literature.

I don't know much about my great grandfather, but that story tells me I might have inherited more than a few genes from him. Put the coffee pot on the woodstove, open up a good book, and just slip away from worldly cares.



  1. They didn't look out back and see the path to the out house was well traveled then.


  2. When I lived up north, I loved to be snowed in. Your Great Grandfather was pretty smart, getting his neighbors to shovel his path out for him.

  3. Winter time can truly be a time to reflect upon oneself. I just wished I learned this when I was younger. ;)

  4. Well, there's no snow here. But there is a cold, damp wind blowing from the Gulf, and tomorrow it's supposed to drizzle all day. Sounds like high time to curl up with a good book to me. Us south Texans are "winter wusses", but we can take heat that would melt most folks! Heat index 105? Meh. Pass me another beer...

  5. funny is the effect on others whom eed to dig out right away and go to the malls and stores just for whatever reason. these hamper others trying to remove street snow
    , cause numerous accidents, and complain that the stores are closed "just for a little snow".

    yep, staying at home in a nieghborhood full of mall zombies makes great entertainment in a post blizzard, ho ho ho!

    truely bizzare but fun!