Thursday, January 27, 2011

Security concerns

At one time I could shut down my house for the winter and not worry about it. The only break-ins ever experienced here were a family of squirrels -promptly evicted upon our return.

Property crimes are on the increase. That's one the things that happen during economic downturns. Empty houses are at risk. Friends and neighbors will keep half and eye on the place, and that'll help.

Occasionally I'll see a vehicle driving around the lake that I've never seen before. Are they scoping out the place? People do stare at my house, but that's only natural as it's unusual. No way to know the interest in my place is due to its architecture or its burglary potential. Could be easy to get paranoid about every strange car.

This year I'm taking extra precautions. Removing more things of value that I normally do. If anything happens to what's left behind . . . well, that's what insurance is for.

Mostly what I'm leaving behind is a house full of books. It's a well know fact that only friends steal your books.



  1. most will either bury their precous materials or rent a secured vault at a facility.

    taking pictures of said contents can help prove if anything is taken or vandalized when you return....

    assuming the florida gators don't get you first..



  2. As Jimmy quotes "The weather is here, wish you were beautiful" come on down and have a cheeseburger in paradise ! Don't worry about the gators, the two legged predators are much more dangerous.


  3. U got everthin ya'll need ? Mayhaps I kin hep out with sum gear or directions.

  4. Thanks Wildflower.

    Spud: I think we are good. Spent a lot of time in FL. Canoed among the gators. Don't do anything stupid around them and it's usually Okay. (except during mating season when all bets are off)

  5. You gonna do the ditch on the east side or are you putting in on the left coast ? Ain't
    too many places my wife and I haven't done here. We spent y2k on the southern end of okechobie, good stuff.
    Don't have too much fun !

  6. Spud: doing some lake training. Spending some time North of Tampa with family. Then heading down to the Keys.

  7. Good observation about books, when I lend them out, I make sure they understand its a LOAN. :^)

    Don't forget relatives, my Dad was a big time book collector on art and architecture books. My cousin visits us and often hints to keep an eye on him or he'll help himself to a few of them. They shared an common interest, we don't hold it against him.

    Living out in the country, its pretty common down here to resort to keeping some dogs and pole lights at the corners of the lot. Basically just herds the BGs elsewhere. Hope you find a solution. Your trip sounds like its going to be a blast.

  8. I find myself eyeballing vehicles which are "creeping" around the neighborhood. Even more so when they stop at an odd place and sit there. I don't trust anyone these days. Living on a dead end street, I've quickly learned which vehicles belong and which do not. Anything other than a newer 3/4 ton or bigger truck going to the RV park at the end of the road, or an obvious "toad" (towed vehicle) gets my attention...

  9. Good luck, have fun !
    Venice is boater friendly, free city dock & water.
    Goodland, on the south end of Marco islands ok.
    Panther key is the next decent anchorage.
    Shark River is next.
    Next stop the keys

    I'm jealous...

  10. Envy is a sin, I'm told, but I envy you anyway. Have a great trip and make beautiful memories. and please post from Florida if you can.

  11. Mayberry it's almost funny when someone around here gets a new car. Everyone checks him out until they get used to it.

    Thanks for info Spud.

    Treesong, I'll post as much as possible.