Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Plan Comes Together

Making some progress on my sailing plans. My truck mechanic lent me recent charts of most of Florida's waters. He also lent me a VHS hand held radio and a nice little marine GPS. The boat does have a base VHS, but having a backup is nice. My dad has offered to buy me a GPS -again, backup for a critical system.

The motor is ready to go. Just built a humanure toilet for the boat.
Modified the design so it'd fit the boat better. Pretty happy how it turned out. Cost very little to build as I was able to use a lot of left over scrap material. All it needs is a bit of sanding and some varnish.

Talked with my friends in northern FL. They are expecting my lovely wife and I. We will be doing some shake down cruises on a lake near their house. My friend grew up on the water and is an accomplished sailor.

If all goes well this winter, my wife and I will eventually make our way down to the Keys. Can't wait to sail those waters in my own boat.

Now all I have to do is get the darn truck squared away . . .



  1. Yep, it would be too hard to pull that boat all the way to Florida by hand.

  2. Check out the ten thousand islands area. Good places for a person to maintain a low profile. Hopefully ur boat is fairly shoal draft.


  3. Will do Spud. It's a swing keel. Only draws a foot when up.

  4. Swing by this way & pick us up. PLEASE!!!!

  5. I'd take you all if I could. Nice bunch of people come by here.