Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Truck trip

Long day on the road. Had to have my truck towed 100 miles away for transmission work and today was the day to pick it up. As luck would have it, (bad luck) the problems were different than the ones I'd paid for in Massachusetts. Also had a bad bad brake leak that needed fixing. Figured that I might as well get that done there than try and 100 miles though the mountains with bad brakes. Of course, they charged big city prices.

When I picked my truck up, they had to jump start it to get it running. That's not an encouraging sign. Had to turn it off once on the way home, and it barely started again. Also noticed a small diesel leak.

Will be checking out the batteries and looking for that leak when the sun comes out. Thursday, I have an appointment my local mechanic to put some tires on it and sort out any other problems he may find.

Had I known repair bills would have been this bad, I'd have looked for a replacement truck. Too late now. Hope this is the near the end of the unplanned expenses. On the bright side, if I can drive the truck another year, it will pay me back. The old truck works for a living.



  1. Unplanned vehicle expenses can sure hurt. Hope you are near the end of it. Good luck.

  2. You can prepare for most things but sometimes something just jumps up and bites you in the a'... well you know where. Like you said, it will pay for itself over the next year.

  3. "Had I known repair bills would have been this bad, I'd have looked for a replacement truck."

    It's usually like that for me. I put $500+ dollars into my old van and then it blew a head gasket. The expected repairs would have cost about as much as the van would be worth if it were running and the transmission had been making bad noises intermittently for a while.

    I estimated that it would cost 2x what the vehicle was worth to get it running so it went out to pasture.