Friday, January 21, 2011

Squared Away

I called my buddy to see if he could pick me up at the garage. By the time I called him, his wife had read my blog about the truck alternator going. He offered to change out the alternator for me instead of working on his plumbing.

How could I refuse?

By the time I'd gotten to his house, he'd call around the local parts places. New alternators are expensive for that old truck, but he found one at the salvage yard for only $45. On top of that, it's the high amperage model I've been looking for on and off anyway. The unit appears to be in great shape. Straightened out all the electrical problems.

I've changed out alternators by myself before, but was hesitant to do it this time. It is my only vehicle right now, so if I'd needed a part or a tool, there would have been no way to fetch it. That's one reason I sometimes pay for work I could do myself. My buddy fetched what was needed using his truck. He also has better tools than me.

The job went so well, we actually got around to working on his plumbing after all.

I'm feeling good about this.



  1. Its nice to have friends with skills. Very kind of him to offer to help you out - I'm sure you've helped in out in the past as well. Hope this kills the poltergeist that has been residing in your truck lately.

  2. Well, "One good turn deserves another."
    It is great that you swapped out services, that's what friends are for.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX.