Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sometimes it comes together

The washing machine has washed its last. It came as no surprise. Most people would have thrown it out 5 years ago when the motor/transmission linkage fell apart. After that, it was the cranky drain pump -and so on. Lately, it was down to one wash cycle, heavy duty.

Today, the water fill would not shut off. In a panic, my wife started to bail out the water, only to realize it was still coming in. I reached behind the machine and closed the water valve.
I fished the clothes out of the machine and took it to my daughter's to finish washing.

In an e-mail to a friend, I mentioned the washer had finally died. As luck would have it, he'd been tapped to install a new washer at another friend's place. The old one worked just fine and they were looking for a good home for it.

Picking it up on Sunday.

It's good to have friends -especially when you don't have much money.

Got friends?



  1. Amen.
    I have a good friend who scours Craigslist and drives all over tarnation picking up washers and dryers. He knows how to fix most of them and resells them

    He found me a small apartment sized washer I have yet too hook up due to my laziness and a brand new, 110 volt little dryer that will do a very small load, someone was going to throw it out. There is some serious plumbing that has to be done to hook up my washer because I live in a trailer.

    Guys like that are hard to find.

    Good on yer buddy for hooking you up.

  2. old washers and dryers usually be taken apart for parts and hardware, especially thr motors that can be utilized to power homebuilt shop tools.
    sounds like the water level switch went bad''

    the newer ones require a hookup to a laptop to be diagnosed for repairs because of more bells and wistles required to do a simple job

    am missing the old stuff that was easy to fix..