Sunday, March 27, 2011

Back on the water, life is good

Currently on the water at Bahia Honda Key. Very hot here, but that's not a complaint. Spent the night on the boat, and that went well.

Never did get back to Key Largo in time to go sailing. Garage took just long enough for me to get stuck in Miami traffic. No problem. We'll just stay down here longer.

We took the boat out in the Atlantic today. My wife was feeling a bit queasy before we headed out, and 3 -4 foot seas didn't help. Came back in time for lunch. She's feeling better and taking a nap now. We will stay here a few days yet. It's nice to just untie the boat and head out.

Sorry, no photos of today's sail. Camera batteries died on us.


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  1. Thought of you both as we went to look at two dams on the river near us, bask in the sunlight - and the 42 degree weather!