Monday, March 7, 2011

Thought of my friends and family shoveling snow back home.

Back out on the Gulf again. Started out with very light winds, but it built until it was quite interesting out there. Pushed the boat a bit to see what it could do. Great fun. Almost made it all the way back to the boat landing on sail power alone. Just didn't have enough wind to overcome the out going tide. Had to start the motor the last couple hundred feet. It would have been cool to sail right up to the boat landing. Maybe next time.

Unfortunately, we were unable to photograph the pair of dolphins we met out there. Those guys can move when they want to. Great to see them. Also surprised a sea turtle. Actually, we surprised each other.

My daughter tells me they got two feet of heavy wet snow today. We'll be heading south before we head north. Spent the last few days planning a trip to the Keys. I'll go home when the snow's melted a bit.


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  1. If you do go home early, put runners on the bottom of the boat and you can then sail the frozen lakes.