Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Tacky Day

Went sailing out in the Gulf yesterday. No destination in mind. We just tacked into the wind, heading generally west. Figured at a leisurely 3 knots or so, we were in no danger of bumping into Texas.

Normally, we only turn the marine radio on once we get out of the channel. I can't really hear it too well over the motor. Yesterday, once we shut down the motor, we discovered the electrical system wasn't working. No problem. Since I'm the one who wired up the boat, it only took a minute to find the problem and another 10 or so to fix it.

We took it easy today and did some work on the boat trailer. The bow roller was pretty shot, so that got replaced. Also reversed a "fix" the previous owner did on the trailer. One of the front rollers didn't touch the hull when the boat was loaded. He mounted the roller on a wooden block so it'd touch. That was fine and probably didn't cause him much trouble the one time a year when he loaded the boat. However, loading the boat every few days, I've come to the conclusion that the roller's job was to guide the boat when loading. It's not supposed to touch the hull after the boat's loaded. I will test it tomorrow.

Still trying to get my dad to join us on the sailboat. For a retired guy, he sure does have a busy schedule.



  1. Trailers can be a real pain if they're not set up right for the boat. But once they are, you can run the boat right up onto them even in the worst of crosswinds or currents. It's definitely worth the "tweaking" effort! If your Dad can't go, can I come : )

  2. Hey Sixbears! Happy Ides of March Birthday to you!