Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pushing out the little greaser

I'm asking a favor of my readers. Currently in the Brooksville Florida area. I'm having a hard time finding waste vegetable oil to fuel my truck. The big companies seem to have locked up contracts with every restaurant I've talked to. There are stickers on all the grease bins warning of dire consequences for pumping out their oil bins.

It never used to be this hard. In previous years, a local restaurant owner let me take all I wanted. Unfortunately, he's retired now and out of the business.

My lovely wife and I will be traveling all over the state, so sources of waste veggie anywhere in the state would be helpful.

On the bright side, we've worked around our debit card problems. For some reason, my wife's card, works just fine. It accesses the same account as my card, so it's no problem.




  1. The higher the cost of refined fuel goes, the more there will be a demand on free or cheap used vegy oil.

  2. Indeed. I loaded enough to drive from NH to FL, but been burning diesel recently . . . and it's $$$$. Put on a Craigslist ad. Have an old contact in the Naples region but haven't been in touch in years. Will try him when we are driving through that area.

  3. I just traded for a deisel farm tractor, hoping I could use some veg-oil in it. Time will tell.