Sunday, March 20, 2011

Too much TV

The TV never stops at my dad's house. That makes the peace we find sailing that more valuable. His house isn't big enough to hide from the big screen. I haven't seen this much broadcast TV in years. On the bright side, there's some actual new items being covered. One good thing about the disaster in Japan: it pushed the antics of Charlie Sheen off the air. Now the war in Libya is keeping him off.

We took it easy today. My lovely wife sewed some new ribbons on the sail. I pulled the boat's battery and brought it to my dad's workshop. The little 6 hp motor has an alternator that's supposed to keep the battery charged up. It was a pleasant surprise to see the battery had a full charge. The battery terminals could use a bit of cleaning up, but even that wasn't bad. Isn't it nice when machinery works the way it's supposed to?

Monday, we take the dog to the vet, and we'll pack up for our trip down to the Keys. Internet connection might be hit or miss for a while.



  1. if am to remember Wifi is available at many key campgrounds, especially at Boyds. in many areas don't allow overnite parking anymore to discourage hippie travelers..especially enforced in KEY WEST... sometimes now refered as the CONK EMPIRE...

    have fun anyhow...


  2. Conch Republic it will always be to me.
    Marathon is much more boater friendly than Key West, although the folks in the CR are something to behold. Enjoy...

  3. You're in for some beautiful water down there. Did ya bring your fins and snorkels?

  4. Have snorkel and mask. Have yet to find fins big enough to fit my feet. The search continues. We've been down to the Keys many times before, but this is the first time with a sailboat.

  5. If ur feet are that big, ya don't need fins lol

  6. Indeed. They are webbed to, so I'm all set.

  7. Sounds like the adventure is going good! I hope the weather continues to hold good and fair for sailing for ya!