Friday, March 25, 2011

Magic Blue Smoke

We had a little problem on the Tamiami Trail. Just about in the middle of the Everglades, I happen to notice something in my rear view mirror. At first, I hoped it was just from the big truck right behind me. Alas, the smoke was coming from my trailer wheel bearing.

It was the magic blue smoke. Magic blue smoke is the smoke that's put in machinery and electronics that makes them work. When the magic smoke comes out, it doesn't work anymore. There was an awful lot of magic smoke coming out of the wheel bearing.

We were in the middle of the swamp, but at least we had cell service. There was some issue finding someone to come out and pick up a trailer. Called AAA, but they really don't want to deal with trailers. Now I learn there's cheap insurance for that sort of thing. Live and learn. AAA was able to put me in contact with a tow truck out of Naples. He was able to hook me up with a guy in Miami, as it was closer to where I wanted to go. Also, he said Naples closes down at 5 p.m.. The Miami tow truck driver hooked me up with a guy willing to repair the trailer.

After leaving the boat there, we drove down to Key Largo where we had campground reservations. An evening dip in the pool was quite welcome.

Currently, the trailer is sitting in a garage in Miami. I'm told it should be ready by 1. Might be able to get the boat back to Key Largo in time for a late afternoon sail, but we shall see.



  1. Nothing like a little adventure, right? My condolences, but it sounds like you caught it in time before something really bad happened. I hope the repair bill is reasonable - if nothing else, just chalk it up to part of the cost of 'troublefree sailing'.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Sorry to hear you had trouble, but glad you got it all under control. Hope the rest of your wonderful "vacation" is marvelous.

  3. Sad for your troubles.
    I think the worlds' Blue Smoke is leaking now. No easy fix in sight.

  4. Hope you had bug juice with ya, ya'll was stuck out on a lonely stretch of highway.

  5. Bearing Buddies, get some. I wouldn't have a boat trailer without them...

  6. hmm; left the jack and spare bearing sets behind?

    live and learn...


  7. Ah, boat trailer bearing problems.... It's part of the Florida lifestyle.

    Like Mayberry said, Bearing Buddies are a way of life down here. It's just a little set back for ya, enjoy your time here!


  8. I hope you didn't overheat the spindle, could well be that the bearing welded itself to the spindle. Then it takes a torch to burn it off.
    Bearing Buddies are convenient and push all that nasty salt water out... Prepping comes in many forms.

  9. Make sure they pack the bearings on the other side as well. When you think it's time to service these axles it's been too long already. Keep up on this and won't get screwed again.

  10. Was unwilling to pull the wheels when it was -20 in NH. Ran fine on the way. Kept the buddies well greased and everything. New ones also have brand new buddies.

    Life is good.