Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rejects and Fraud

Getting money access while on the road is getting problematic. Traveling with a big wad of cash is not recommended. Crooks can rob you. Even police can confiscated your cash just on the suspicion that it's connected to a crime. Good luck getting it back.

On the road, I've used a mix of some cash and my debit card. Never used to have any problems with my debit card anywhere in the country. Last night it was refused at a grocery store. Didn't have quite enough cash on me. Had to resort to using my "emergency" credit card. Really annoying when I actually have money in my account.

Called my bank in NH to see what the problem was. They couldn't find one. No record of a failed transaction existed. Their best guess was that it's a problem with computers in Florida. They asked if there had been thunderstorms here. (nope.) Assured my card was fine, I drove down to the filling station to buy some diesel. Not only did the debit card not run, the clerk said the machine was giving him a fraud alert.

At that point, I was steaming, but kept my temper in check. Called the bank once more. Again, no problems showed up. Their best guess: a bad magnetic strip on the card.

Here's where it gets interesting. They can't send me a new card. There are Federal regulations against it. I'd have to walk into my local bank. (1600 miles away) Most of my mail is getting forwarded to my dad's place, but the post office will not redirect a bank card. Nanny gov has protected me from my own money. How nice of them.

Tomorrow, we see if my wife's card will run. Taking the dog to the local vet. Hope he's willing to take a check, if need be.

If there hadn't been small craft advisories, we'd have been sailing today. That would have been a lot more pleasant than struggling with the modern banking world.



  1. Ah yes, the joys of a "cashless society". Methinks travel will become quite impossible in the not too distant future, fuel prices aside. Little by little, has seen to it...

  2. That's why I hit the road when I did. Now if I can eventually make it home . . .

  3. there has been a rash of "transaction problems" of late with many diffrent cards..

    cash, no problem there..

    interesting times!


  4. I ran into a similar problem right after I had just received a new card. Everything was fine for two weeks and all of a sudden I started having problems with the thing not working.

    I went to my local branch and the lady was nice enough to issue me another one, ON THE SPOT. Temporary but it worked.She had to call the manager but it was no problem.
    Two weeks later, I got drunk and left the temporary at my favorite establishment.
    I realized it, called in to cancel it and got ANOTHER temporary debit card on the spot the next day.

    They can do this if ya talk to 'em real nice, even if ya show up stinking like last night's whiskey.

    It must be my purty eye's.

    Of course, the minute I showed up at my favorite establishment, they handed me the card I had left there,
    I swear, it's my purty eye's.

  5. Having trailer sailed and blue water sailed. We learned to always have cash, stashed in numerous places about the boat.
    Also through mistakes we learned that one must use a nation wide bank ( foul that it is)

    If you need help just call out. I ain't rich but I got a local checking account...
    My wife and I are only bout a hundred miles away.

  6. Thanks Spud. Really nice offer. My dad's established here in FL so he could help us out of need be.

  7. I only have one credit card and that is American Express. I like it since I pay it off every month. The only problem is that some small RV parks will not take AMX, so this year I got Debit Master Card to go along, just in case.

  8. World of plastic money can suck at times! No doubt about it!

  9. Feel free, to ask anytime.